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Paul A. Goldberg, MPH, DC, DACBN
Clinical Nutritionist, Clinical Epidemiologist, Diplomate of The American Clinical Board of Nutrition, Certified Natural Hygiene Practitioner

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Rheumatoid Disease & Ulcerative Colitis

Physicians told Dr. Goldberg as a young man that he would be permanently crippled by severe rheumatoid disease, accompanied by advanced ulcerative colitis, environmental allergies, chronic fatigue and psoriasis (see picture on left). Through the study and disciplined application of nutritional biochemistry, clinical epidemiology and natural hygiene, he recovered his health (current picture on right).
Since that time, for over thirty years, Dr. Goldberg has successfully helped chronically ill patients from across the U.S. recover from a wide variety of difficult, chronic, conditions by carefully seeking out and addressing the individual causes of ill health.
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Paul A. Goldberg, MPH, DC, DACBN
Clinical Epidemiologist, Clinical Nutritionist, Natural Hygiene Practitioner and Researcher

"After thirty years of practice, teaching and research experience, I continue to use my knowledge to help patients obtain vibrant health and learn how to become
less dependent on physician care."

Who is Dr. Paul Goldberg?

Dr. Goldberg has long been devoted to helping others reverse chronic illnesses through Natural Hygienic/Biological Measures.

Few understand the misery and discouragement of being unable to find the help and guidance they need in order to recover from chronic illness better than Dr. Goldberg.

Stricken with a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis along with Ulcerative Colitis in 1975, he searched for help, trying numerous systems and physicians without help. In 1976 he came under the guidance of Natural Hygienist Dr. R.J. Cheatham where he worked and studied for a year and began to rebuild his tattered body, later becoming the institute's health and fasting director.

"Few understand the misery and discouragement
of being unable to find the help and guidance
they need in order to recover from chronic illness
better than Dr. Goldberg."

Dr. Goldberg continued his studies at the University of Texas Medical Center Graduate School of Public Health, where he did his thesis on Biological Approaches to Rheumatoid Diseases.

After working for the government as an epidemiologist and later becoming a Chiropractic Physician, he served for 23 years as a University Professor in Clinical Nutrition, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology while directing a modern outpatient clinic with laboratory facilities. Along with his research and lecture schedule, Dr. Goldberg continues with an active clinical practice today.

Known for the highly individualized approach he takes with each patient and the generous amount of time he devotes to each case, Dr. Goldberg has successfully worked with thousands of patients seeking the reversal of chronic problems, over the past thirty years.

Dr. Goldberg has lectured, written and published extensively on chronic disease reversal, including rheumatoid and other autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue related issues, allergies, and other difficult chronic disease states. He has taught Clinical Nutrition and Gastroenterology to thousands of doctors and students and is well known for his high success rate with chronically ill patients who have failed to obtain help elsewhere.

Dr. Goldberg is a founding member of the International Natural Hygiene Society, a science advisor to The Arthritis Trust, holds Diplomate status with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and is a certified member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians.

He also is a frequent lecturer to Physicians regarding gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatoid diseases, probiotics, Paleolithic Nutrition and public health related topics.

More information available in Dr. Goldberg's curriculum vitae.

Before and After

Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis & Colitis
In 1976 Dr. Goldberg suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis and colitis and was told by physicians that the condition was incurable and that he eventually would become fully crippled (left photo).
Some time after becoming ill, Dr. Goldberg discovered a little known self-empowering method called Natural Hygiene and recovered fully. To the right is a recent photo of Dr. Goldberg in excellent health. His career as both a Professor and as a Physician has long been devoted to helping others recover from serious chronic diseases.

Editorial - Spring 1998
by Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.
Executive Director of The Arthritis Trust

Chiropractic practices are considered to be complementary/alternative therapies by allopathic physicians -- those practitioners who represent traditional medical procedures and who treat symptoms usually by drugs, surgery or radiation, rather than according to causes of the symptoms.

I've learned over the years that there's probably as much variation in chiropractic practitioners as there is among either allopathic health care professionals or other complementary/alternative/holistic practitioners.
My trip to a local chiropractor usually results in a quick thrust to one or more of my spines out of alignment, temporary relief, and then resumption of pain after several hours, or sooner. Although my chiropractor may use an electric muscle stimulator, ultra-sonic, or other non-invasive devices, he's rather indifferent to the fact that tendons and ligaments that have not returned to normalcy within six weeks need a different kind of treatment, called "sclerotherapy" by doctors of osteopathy, "prolo" or "proliferative therapy" by medical doctors, or, by some. "reconstructive therapy." (See our "Treatment of First Choice for Osteoarthritis and Other Arthritic-like Pain," and Pain, Pain Go Away by Morton Walker, D.P.M. and William J. Faber, D.O.)

I've met other chiropractors who sell vitamins and minerals, usually without any genuine knowledge of whether or not specific ingredients are required; and yet others may utilize computerized acupuncture/meridian measurements to determine not only the proper vitamins and minerals, but also the suitable brands.

Regardless of how the chiropractor approaches his patient, most of them are sincere, honest practitioners who, like allopathic physicians, work well within the framework of their limited background and knowledge.

One who stands out from all those I've met or read is Paul Goldberg, D.C.,M.P.H.!

Perhaps the reason Paul is outstanding is because - as reported in his article "Arthritis/Rheumatism - The Forgotten Patients, Part I" in this issue - he, himself, was a sufferer of arthritis, and was able to solve his serious problems.

I've noted over the years, as perhaps you have also, that whenever a person, be he practitioner or layman, has struggled to learn his own causes, and succeeded in achieving wellness they are dedicated health professionals, always willing to give a hand.

Paul Goldberg's understanding of arthritis is absolutely outstanding, shadowing over not just his fellow chiropractors, but also over many allopathic and alternative/complementary/holistic physicians I've known.

Within the field of chiropractic practices, Dr. Goldberg might be considered a maverick, just as many of our alterntive/complementary/holistic practitioners are considered mavericks by allopathic physicians. After all, the money in chiropractic therapy is not in getting folks well, but in setting folks up for repeat visits. A year of thrust upon thrust of a wobbly spinal joint is just that much more money in the bank for the chiropractor; whereas, a serious evaluation of why arthritis has ensued in all or any of the joints just might create wellness, and decrease the bank account.

Of course the majority of chiropractors don't reason in that manner, but the effect is the same as if they did, just as allopathic physicians set their patients up for repeated return visits that continue to bankroll their business accounts because they tackle only their patient's symptoms, and not causes.

There's a duplicity of vested interests, hidden or not, in any kind of health practice that treats just symptoms, except on the basis of an important expediency.

Although allopathic physicians consider all chiropractors to be alternative practitioners, none who simply (and usually only) treat symptoms should be called alternative medical practitioners, whether they use "natural" products, or drugs, whether their prestige stems from a prestigious medical school or from a free clinic off the coast of Africa, or whether they have a D.C., N.D., M.D., L.Ac., O.M.D, or D.O.

Getting well means addressing causes, and it means only that!

Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.,
Executive Director of the Rheumatoid Disease Foundation/The Arthritis Trust of America
- The Arthritis Trust of America Newsletter, Spring 1998, Editorial

Dr. Stephen M. Erie
1228 K Gemini Dr.
Annapolis, MD. 21403

February 15, 2001

Dear Dr. Goldberg:
I am writing you this fetter to express my eternal appreciation for your influence on my life. As a young Chiropractic student, you were instrumental in my maintaining an open mind and seeing health care for what it really is. Your introduction of natural health principals based on normal physiological function was a great turning point in my life. Because I was fortunate enough to have you as a teacher I now understand what it means to be truly healthy and help others take responsibility for their health and not simply rely on the doctor.

Many great men throughout history have been chastised for beliefs that did not follow the status quo. It takes tremendous courage to follow a path you know is not fully understood. It takes a strong man to stand up and practice for what he knows is right. Dr. Goldberg, you are part of that elite group. You are part of a group of thinkers ahead of their time. I admire you for your fortitude and courage. You do what is right. The numerous students you have taught over the years, the thousands of patients you have helped and the literature you have written are proof. The critics who judge, who show disrespect, prove that the status quo does not understand true health and wish to remain ignorant in medical dogma. Despite what medicine conditions us to believe people can attain true health by understanding the principles that guide us. If there were more practitioners like you, who practice what they preach and honestly helped patients attain health the world would be a much better place.

Dr. Goldberg, if at any time you plan to open an inpatient facility any where in the world, l would love to give assistance in any way possible. The world is in need of your wisdom on a large scale. I wish you and your family the very best. My family and I thank you again for all of your help, it is life lasting.

Dr. Stephen M. Erie
Chiropractor, Annapolis Family Chiropractic

A Center For Family Practice and Internal Medicine
Glenn Gingold, M.D., Medical Director

1118 Penny Lane S.E., Marietta, Ga. 30060
(770) 419-9396

July 25, 1997

My professional association with Dr. Paul A. Goldberg has been a positive one. I have found him to be well versed not only in the practice of Chiropractic, but also in preventive medicine, clinical nutrition, and in the utilization of natural health care methods including diet reform, therapeutic fasting, and lifestyle counseling.

Unlike some other so called "natural practitioners" I've known who rely on false promises of instant cures and gimmicks, and often treat their clients in a haphazard fashion, Dr. Goldberg goes to great lengths to uncover the cause(s) of his clients problems and address them in a thorough and rational manner.

He is knowledgeable in laboratory testing and standard medical procedures. He seeks the safest and least invasive ways possible to assist patients in obtaining better health, primarily through hygienic measures in which the patient can play a primary role in helping themselves.

He has an excellent reputation among lay persons and in professional circles as an expert in clinical nutrition, and his articles in this area have been extensively published. I have found him to be a sincere, competent, practitioner of high ethical standards.

Glenn Gingold, M.D.
Medical Director, Primary Care Associates

A recognized expert in natural health care and clinical nutrition, Dr. Goldberg has worked with thousands of patients in reversing chronic diseases. He has published extensively, and is well known for his pioneering work in helping people with arthritis, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, and other serious conditions regain their health through natural means. See works published, curriculum vitae.

"I know the frustration of being sick and not being able to find help. The agony of running from one doctor to another without finding a doctor with a background who can put all the pieces together naturally. It is my intent through my experience, and education to bring the skills developed over many years to each patient and involve the patient as a partner in the healing process."

Dr. Goldberg Interviewed

(The following combines several interviews conducted with Dr. Goldberg by Health Science Magazine and on radio shows in West Palm Beach, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia).

(Introduction by Interviewer)

Dr. Goldberg is a remarkable physician and educator who has positively influenced thousands of patients and students over the past thirty years. In addition to being a graduate of the University of Texas MedicalCenter, Dr. Goldberg is a Chiropractic Physician, holds diplomate status with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN) is a certified member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians, is an adjunct professor at Life University and is a Science Advisor to the Arthritis Trust.

Dr. Goldberg taught Clinical Nutrition, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology to Undergraduate, Graduate and Chiropractic Students for 25 years while maintaining an active practice, which he continues today at the Goldberg Clinic. His clinical focus is on the reversal of chronic disease conditions. He has helped return numerous chronically ill patients to good health.

Q: What initiated your interest in chronic disease reversal?

A: I developed serious rheumatoid disease as a young man. My physicians declared I was incurable and would become crippled. I could no longer engage in athletics… even short walks were difficult. I became disenchanted with the medical profession, which offered no answers and was disappointed by the illusive “cures” offered by “alternative” practitioners. I wanted to address the causes of my illness at their roots not cover up symptoms while the disease progressed. I was involved in a joint degree program at the Colleges of Law and Medicine at Ohio State University. It was difficult to focus due to the pain I was in. I decided to leave my studies temporarily and find answers.

By chance, I saw an ad for a Hygienic Institute in Bonita Springs, Florida where I traveled to and met Dr. R.J. Cheatham who introduced me to the concepts of Natural Hygiene. I lived and worked at the Institute for a year and put Natural Hygiene into practice. This was the beginning of my recovery yet I still had much to learn. I was later hired as the Institute's Health Director.

I went on to pursue studies at the University of Texas Medical Center where I wrote my thesis on Biological Approaches to Rheumatoid Diseases. Upon graduation I was hired by the State of Illinois as an epidemiologist. This was the beginning of my recovery yet I still had much to learn.

Q: How has your practice differed from standard and alternative practices?

A: Our motto is: “Causes Identified…Causes Addressed…Health Restored”. In living up to this motto we do not treat and suppress symptoms. We work diligently with our patients, most of whom have chronic health issues, to identify why they became ill and create an individualized program of health restoration for them to follow. Our goal for each patient is to both restore their health and empower them with the knowledge they need to remain well and avoid future medical dependency.

Q: How do you treat your patient's conditions?

A: Key to our success and unique approach is that we do not “treat” diseases. This is a major error made in both medical and “alternative practices”. We address the patient's health issues through a detailed interview, examination and functional laboratory testing. The initial office visit may take up to two hours. We take into account the unique traits making up each person and develop an individualized program for him or her to follow. We do not follow any cookie cutter plan or technique for all of our patients. We recognize them as individuals and create programs tailored to their needs.
Our patients find that not only are their disease issues addressed but that they experience overall rejuvenation with increased energy, better mood, more youthful appearance, more stamina, normalization of weight and vastly improved resistance against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and the other common health problems we are plagued with in the United States.

Q: What specific skill areas do you commonly employ?

Clinical epidemiology to help uncover the causes of an individual's problems along with nutritional biochemistry, biological medicine and functional medicine. My background in Chronic Disease Control, Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic, Preventive Medicine and Natural Hygiene and my clinical experience over the past 35 years are all integrated into the practice.

Q: Are there other ways in which your practice differs from standard medical and alternative practices?

We differ in a number of ways. First, I have a special empathy with chronically ill people due to my own experience. Secondly, I strongly encourage patients to become involved with their care and make the necessary effort to get well. Some patients refer to our office as “Dr.Goldberg's Boot Camp” as I encourage them to exert the discipline required to bring about good results.
Our office also differs in the large amount of time and attention we give each patient, which limits the number of people we can see.
The Goldberg Clinic is based upon good science, Hippocratic Principles, Clinical Epidemiology, science based Clinical Nutrition and thirty-five years of experience…not the latest fads and gimmicks that many alternative practitioners get hooked into.
We also know that we must keep up to date. With the changing nature of our environment and new stressors, keeping current with new advances in toxicology, clinical ecology, functional gastroenterology and functional endocrinology among other disciplines is important for our patient's welfare. Part of the reason I continue to lecture to physician groups is because it keeps me on my toes and aware of new developments in the health care field.

Q: What do you find most satisfying about your work?

Empowering people with the tools they need to care for themselves. As a University Professor I lectured to approximately 1,500 students per year for 25 years. Many of them have carried the message of Natural Hygiene and healthy living to the public through their practices. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to reach so many people.

Q: What is the major issue you see as the future of health care in this country?

The medical profession and pharmaceutical industry have endeavored to create a nation dependent on drugs and hospitals as a way of life rather than teaching people how to become responsible in caring for themselves. Real health care involves helping people to obtain good health and then empowering them with the tools to maintain it on their own to the greatest degree possible.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing practitioners can do to positively influence their patients?

The most important thing we can do is to set a good personal example in all aspects of our lives and to practice what we preach.

Dr. Goldberg practices in Atlanta, Georgia and sees patients with rheumatoid issues, gastrointestinal/digestive problems, autoimmune disorders and other chronic conditions. His practice attracts patients from across the United States and internationally. The Goldberg Clinic can be reached at (770) 974-7470.

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